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Sound travels better through solids? Many elementary textbooks say that sound travels better through solids and liquids than through air, but they are incorrect. In fact, air, solids, and liquids are nearly transparent to sound waves. Some authors use an experiment to convince us differently: Doesn’t this prove that wood is better than air at conducting sound? Not really, because sound has an interesting property not usually mentioned in the books: The experiment with the ruler merely proves that a wooden rod can act as a sort of “tube,” and it will guide sounds to your head which would otherwise spread in all directions in the air.


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Let P be a general point, denoted by x,y , wher potential due to the two charges is zero.

Thes services are usually carried out through: Since the beginning of the 90s, Mobile Telephone Services Cellular , Paging and Electronic Mail have been part of the services offered by NITEL which, hitherto enjoyed the monopoly of Telecommunications services provisions, operations and maintenance until , when a decree establishing the Nigerian Communications Commission NCC , liberalised terminal ends equipment and value added services for competition and private sector participation.

In order to carry out the above services the following facilities currently exist in the country: See Figures 1 and 2 Listed below are the various media through which some of the telecommunications facilities are delivered to the populace in the country. These include those services that are provided by NITEL as well as those that are commercially available on a large scale basis. VSAT systems integrate transmission and switching functions to implement pre-assigned and on-demand assigned links for point-to-point and broadcast networks.


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Contact Author Learning About Fridge Water Lines When hooking up a water line to a fridge ice maker or a door water supply, you want to use the correct materials to ensure the water flows well and everything is hooked up correctly with minimal chance of leaks. Many refrigerators these days supply a source for drinking water inside or on the door and will make ice cubes for you. To have a water dispenser or ice maker in your fridge, you need to be able to get water from your cold water supply to your fridge in an efficient way.

Something that you might not have considered is what types of plumbing material are you going to use. Even if you are hiring a plumber, you should be aware of the different options available and what they mean to you. The only problem I see with using copper is that it can kink easily. You will have extra tubing behind your fridge to enable you to pull your fridge out for cleaning purposes, and it is quite possible that the line could get caught and kink causing the water flow to be blocked or worse.

PVC or plastic tubing is also an option.

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Cartoon characters can be inflated, like a balloon, and then deflated as a result possibly too much. In setting off an explosive, user can destroy a larger area than planned, possibly annihilating an entire planet. This often leaves only a piece of rock and a character hanging from a root. User’s may acquire this ability while going into the cartoon dimension. Anvil will fall directly on a caricature whether they are still or in motion.

Spinnaker cross-section trimmed for a broad reach showing transition from boundary layer to separated flow where vortex shedding commences.

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Suzannah Windsor Freeman Filed Under: Best Articles , Fiction Image courtesy unsplash. If you fail to grab my attention in the first few lines, I start spacing out.

One balloon is then inflated, and that end of the balance-beam is supposed to sag downwards.

Go Back The Ground Wire The term “ground” refers to a connection to the earth, which acts as a reservoir of charge. A ground wire provides a conducting path to the earth which is independent of the normal current-carrying path in an electrical appliance. As a practical matter in household electric circuits , it is connected to the electrical neutral at the service panel to gaurantee a low enough resistance path to trip the circuit breaker in case of an electrical fault see illustration below.

Attached to the case of an appliance, it holds the voltage of the case at ground potential usually taken as the zero of voltage. This protects against electric shock. The ground wire and a fuse or breaker are the standard safety devices used with standard electric circuits. Is the ground wire necessary? The appliance will operate normally without the ground wire because it is not a part of the conducting path which supplies electricity to the appliance.

In fact, if the ground wire is broken or removed, you will normally not be able to tell the difference.

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Langley’s bolometer[ edit ] The first bolometer used by Langley consisted of two platinum strips covered with lampblack.

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There are two different SAT practice exams for you to try, the answer key is also available. Screencast These are the video tutorials that were created using the PowerPoint slide shows we use in class. Most of the time they are for the entire chapter; however, several chapters have more than one slide show or the slide show itself is broken into a couple different tutorials. These screencasts vary in length.

But Esther has a theory.

Units of Measure A meter stick, yard stick, 1 kilogram mass and 1 pound weight are laid out on a demonstration table for inspection and comparison of relative size. Time of Free-Fall A long string of metal washers is constructed such that the first one is 30 cm from the bottom end, the second is cm from the bottom end, and the third is 2. When the string is released, the washers will sound out at constant time intervals.

Force Vectors Choose two of the largest students in the class to pull on the opposite ends of a strong 10 m long rope. Ask the students if the rope appears to be straight. Have the smallest student attempt to push down on the middle of the rope with one finger. The small student will easily be able to push the rope down. Force Vectors part 2 To demonstrate the non-perpendicular components of vectors, tie two loops in the ends of a strong cord that is about 1 m long.

Have a student hold a loop in each hand as a classmate carefully hangs a 1 kg mass on the cord.

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You head towards the office kitchen to grab a glass of water where you encounter a box of treats that seems to be calling your name. As a smart, ambitious person, you know bad habits keep you from reaching your goals. The Psychology of Bad Habits You can spend hours researching life hacks. When you break it down, habits are comprised of three distinct stages: Reward In the mid-day munchies example, the cue is fatigue. This triggers a routine:

From this you can calculate the resistivity if you know the length of the sample and its cross-sectional area.

The development of plasma physics The modern concept of the plasma state is of recent origin, dating back only to the early s. Its history is interwoven with many disciplines. Three basic fields of study made unique early contributions to the development of plasma physics as a discipline: Interest in electric-discharge phenomena may be traced back to the beginning of the 18th century, with three English physicists—Michael Faraday in the s and Joseph John Thomson and John Sealy Edward Townsend at the turn of the 19th century—laying the foundations of the present understanding of the phenomena.

Irving Langmuir introduced the term plasma in while investigating electric discharges. In he and Lewi Tonks, another physicist working in the United States, used the term to designate those regions of a discharge in which certain periodic variations of the negatively charged electrons could occur. They called these oscillations plasma oscillations , their behaviour suggesting that of a jellylike substance.

Not until , however, when two other American physicists, David Bohm and David Pines, first considered the collective behaviour of electrons in metals as distinct from that in ionized gases, was the general applicability of the concept of a plasma fully appreciated. Not until the s, however, when new solar and geophysical phenomena were being discovered, were many of the basic problems of the mutual interaction between ionized gases and magnetic fields considered.

These two separate approaches—the study of electric discharges and the study of the behaviour of conducting fluids in magnetic fields—were unified by the introduction of the kinetic theory of the plasma state.

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British Dictionary definitions for line line 1 noun a narrow continuous mark, as one made by a pencil, pen, or brush across a surface such a mark cut into or raised from a surface a thin indented mark or wrinkle a straight or curved continuous trace having no breadth that is produced by a moving point maths any straight one-dimensional geometrical element whose identity is determined by two points. Oldest sense is “rope, cord, string;” extended late 14c. That of “cord bearing hooks used in fishing” is from c.

This suggests a great EEI.

Equality of voltage and current between the primary and secondary sides of a transformer, however, is not the norm for all transformers. If the inductances of the two windings are not equal, something interesting happens: What we have here is a device that steps voltage down by a factor of ten and current up by a factor of ten: Figure below Turns ratio of This is a very useful device , indeed.

With it, we can easily multiply or divide voltage and current in AC circuits. At either end both the generator and at the loads , voltage levels are reduced by transformers for safer operation and less expensive equipment. A transformer that increases voltage from primary to secondary more secondary winding turns than primary winding turns is called a step-up transformer. Conversely, a transformer designed to do just the opposite is called a step-down transformer.

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