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What the Heck is Three-Phase Power and how can you get some? The old shop had it and the new shop doesn’t. So what the heck is three-phase power and how can you convert machinery to go from the more common single-phase to three-phase and vice versa? For us, the impact was limited because only the air compressor had a three-phase motor. Some of the welding equipment had been running on three-phase, but can easily be re-configured to run on either three-phase or single-phase. But first, a short explanation of three-phase power. Alternating current does just as it’s name implies and alternates cyclically, first flowing in one direction in a circuit and then reversing to flow in the other. As it does this, the magnitude of the voltage supplied varies continuously between a positive and negative maximum amplitude. In the US and anywhere else with 60Hz power, this cycle happens 60 times per second. Picture a sine wave:

How to hook up a subwoofer to a stereo system

I own about 20 yards of vinyl — so I need a new turntable — and a somewhat random CD collection. I need to start again. A sub-plot to this sorry tale is that a couple of years ago my wife acquired a Sonos, but one of the speaker units packed up.

If you need both microphone and TV sound sent to your sound bar or home theater speakers, you will need this karaoke mixer.

The detail level is amazing an the lack of ringing simply gorgeous. A great scaling engine, completely free of ringing. Other cheaper Lumagen processors should offer the same level of processing, just not as many inputs. The Optoma Themescene HD is a close third. Compared to most other video processors e. The Lumagen gets 2nd place because it’s the better hardware design and the more solid machine.

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The 12volt Side of Life Part 1. Welcome to the page of all things 12 Volt! The information here was either excerpted from various sources on the web and in the public domain, or results directly from my personal experience. When researching battery specs for this page, I was amazed at the wide variance in some of the information. For instance; the charts that show voltage related to state of charge I had to make a judgment call and pick the chart that best matched my own observations on my own 12 volt system.

When illuminated, the flow switch has detected no water flowing and the Aqua Rite has stopped making chlorine.

Fairly simple Average rating: If you can’t find you Cars wiring diagram. I used This item on a Chevy Trailblazer with Bose. Once I got wires known it was easy. All u need is wire taps. Thank you for taking an interest in our products and our Company. Enjoy your new tunes! I think it should probably be even cheaper based on how simple it is, but it has the ability to power an amp and a little remote bass knob to play with.

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Generally there are only two such suitable inputs: A line-in computer input blue that is separate from the computer’s microphone input usually pink Failing that, a line-in input on a USB or Firewire interface. Connecting to line-in of the computer In general, you need to run an appropriate cable from an output on the external device for example a tape deck, or a phono amplifier or receiver connected to a turntable to the line-in port of the computer.

If the recorded sound sounds like it’s being played through a broken speaker or a meat grinder, your recording was too loud, and the sound’s distorted.

Audio cassettes have been replaced by more convenient music players years ago. All is not lost, though: Read this wikiHow to learn how. Connect the headphone jack to the line input with a cable. Connect the RCA plugs to the matching jacks on your cassette deck. Plug the phone plugs into the outputs, and the other end of the cables into your computer’s sound input.

Check your sound input levels. Set your input and adjust levels on a Windows PC. Use a recording software to transfer the cassette. In addition to a cassette deck and a computer, you will also need a cable that connects your cassette deck to the line input on your computer. The particular bits you will need depend primarily on your cassette deck. See the Things You’ll Need section below for a comprehensive list of options.

Almost all cassette decks have a 3. If your computer has a headphone jack, you will need a cable with a 3.

Can I add a subwoofer and amp to the factory deck

The picture is really clean and beautiful, and I can finally correct the aspect ratio to my liking horizontally stretched circles can make a game unplayable for me. In the fact that when I turned it on for the first time on my 4K 60 inch LG TV, I wanted to burn my eyes out, such was the horrific quality of picture! I then contacted the guy who modded the N64 who said really I should be running it through an OSSC, to which I hadn’t a clue what he was on about.

So, I looked online and found it here. At first the price put me completely off. After some more reading up, looking at reviews and weighing up if it was worth the risk, I took the plunge

Manufacturers agree to the fact that USB connectivity has been the best improvement in vinyl record players.

Sources Why you should trust us Rachel Cericola has written about consumer electronics for over 15 years and has tested home-theater products from remotes and AV receivers to speakers. He also had a seven-year stint as the technical editor of Home Theater magazine. There are four main uses for a wireless HD product: If your sources are in a different part of the room than the TV, you can send the signal wirelessly instead of running long cables e.

This is an especially common situation with projectors. With wireless, you only need to run power to the TV. The signal from your sources gets sent wirelessly to the small receiver box. In the case of the Iogear and Monoprice models, the TV itself can often power this wireless receiver. If you want to have your sources and TV in two different rooms. If you have equipment specifically with HDMI outputs e.

This is not for products like Chromecast, or any of the Miracast or WiDi products which wirelessly stream content from tablets, phones, or laptops. Those are a different category. These are replacements for HDMI cables. Keep in mind though, there is a cost to the convenience.

How to connect your equipment

The 4 and 8 line Boxes can be chained together to cover up to 80 lines! See 2, 4, 8, 18 or 40 lines on a screen at once. Works with any Windows PC on the Internet! I can see what’s happening at the office from my laptop and home using wireless cellular data I use Verizon. All call information is logged to a flat file, which can be imported into Excel or Access to be sorted any way you need it.

Installation requires some knowledge of Windows networking, including IP addresses.

Needs work, but is workable at this point.

Our company supplies telephone equipment to phone companies. We don’t know anything about the Magic Jack other than what’s in this Tech Bulletin. We don’t recommend the Magic Jack for anything other than a really cute inexpensive toy. Never give Magic Jack your credit card number. You can plug it into an Ethernet port on your home router. No PC is needed but you can still use one if you want.

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Grounded Reason is supported by a small commission for purchases made through some product links on this website. We do not accept compensation from companies attempting to sway my review of products. Take Back Your Television You are here: Word is spreading that you can save thousands of dollars on a cable bill and still enjoy your favorite programs. The picture quality is much better than cable, and most of the hit shows are available free over the air.

TVs made before that time were made with analog tuners.

Does inverter come up to full power?

Assuming you have one, your power supply also called a power inserter will have two coaxial cable connections—one labeled SWM, the other labeled IRD. If you have only one receiver to connect, simply connect the IRD output of the power supply to your SWM-compatible receiver. If you have two receivers to connect, then you have two options: If you are not using the SWM2 port, be sure to keep the metal cap terminator connected.

If you are using multiple receivers, do not power them on at once. Rather, power them on one at a time, letting the first start acquiring satellite signal before powering up the next.