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That is why our standards are high and our equipment is of the best quality. Allure is solid and dependable, with speed and comfort to make your day enjoyable. Here at Allure Charters, we run two fishing harter boats. The Allure is the primary boat, which is a top of the range 42′ Bertram Sports Fisher which affords a smooth and powerful ride in the comfort of a fitted lounge and galley with a sleeping cabin for those that want to take a nap on the journey to, or from, the fishing grounds. The boat also has a fully functional toilet. Allure’s luxuries include air conditioning, piped music, a plasma screen TV, a DVD, fully equipped galley with microwave, fridge and cutlery. So just relax and enjoy! Pescador, our secondary vessel, is a 28′ Buttcat equipped for bottom fishing that provides the more basic experience for deep sea fishing. The boat can comfortably accommodate a party of 8, with open decks and the space to catch the large fish that we hunt.

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Number of dives per week: Includes 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 2 dinners and standard ship’s bar. Green Initiative Eco-friendly cleaning products, local and organic produce when available, water maker and re-usable water bottles. Crew participate in beach and reef clean-up campaigns. Her sailing career began at the age of 3 weeks old, on the Norfolk Boards. She spent her childhood sailing dinghies, and keel boats along the River Yare, and her teen years training with the RYA, at her local sailing club.

In the meantime there continue to be reports of intruders boarding, or attempting to board, vessels in Lagos ports and anchorages.

The last 2 days have been interesting fishing, in the last few weeks the warm water has been out deep and inshore has been cold, then on Friday night we had a storm and as we left the harbour we ran straight into 24deg. C water, the SW wind was howling and the S-N current was screaming, fortunately the waves were small. At around 90m I saw a huge fish on the finder 20m below the boat and turned around to tell the crew as the RH inside rigger band snapped and we had a small Black Marlin on, as he jumped I saw the lure swing off and he was gone and only had his Bill wrapped with the leader.

After that we managed 1 Dorado. Today we made our way North in stunning conditions and once past Ballito we found some really good clean Blue water on the m line, when the RH corner reel screamed. After a good fight we had a large Short Bill Spearfish on board, after a quick photo we released the fish and it swam away. A little later on, after we had started heading back home we found the fish dead and floating and so brought it on board.

We also managed 2 Dorado of which 1 was a nice Bull. Once back at the docks we weighed the Spearfish in at 38,3Kg and after some internet research found that this has exceeded the South African and All Africa records substantially but not the IGFA World Record, although we are not claiming any official record its nice to know.

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Top Techniques for Solid Hook-Sets Learn why reeling tight beats ripping lips when setting a fishing hook. By Sam Hudson posted Mar 4th, at 9: Let me explain why. A steady retrieve often leads the hook to the corner of the mouth — more secure and more harmless than gut hooking. Even if a fish misses the presentation initially, second-chance opportunities favor the patient angler. If the point of the hook is dulled from bouncing off structure, a few strokes with a fine-grained hook hone will sharpen it up.

In addition to being more durable than monofilament, flourocarbon is also stiff — which translates to fewer tangles while dropping baits down.

The first rule is: You are trolling anywhere between 6 and 12 Knots depending on your lures and conditions, and you get a hook up and the reel starts to growl, or scream. In most cases you do not need to strike the fish will be on solid. Remember the man on the rod is the King. By this time the other lines are cleared and all rods out the way.

Now the angler will fight the fish, and this must be done by pulling the rod up and reeling down, never for a moment must you give slack line when reeling down as this can result in either the line wrapping around the tip or the fish getting un-hooked, either way you will loose out. Now you are starting to gain line and get the fish closer to the boat, if it is a larger fish and the angler is struggling to gain on the fish slow down to 1 motor engaged ONLY do this if absolutely necessary, NEVER disengage and fight the fish with the boat on drift, this gives far to much control to the fish, whereas with the boat moving you have control.


Your adrenaline starts pumping while your angry King strips out yards of line in nothing flat. Finally your experienced salmon fishing guide decides this monster of a King is not stopping. So he puts the boat in gear and starts chasing this mad Alaska King down before you get spooled.

You will certainly enjoy all this for a while, but ultimately you would certainly wish to experience all this without an overview.

John grew up messing about on boats in Cape Town, South Africa, from an early age. In his 20s he worked for a time for a boat builder and studied computer systems programming and design, but his passion was sailing and he made it his career. He has 20 years of experience as captain in ocean passage making, racing, cruising and chartering.

He plans your itinerary and manages all departments, ensuring that everything runs smoothly, and that your time on Axia is relaxing, fun, and above all, memorable. Master ton unlimited Hobbies: Justin grew up land-locked Pretoria, South Africa sailing lasers on the local dam, dodging crocodiles and hippos, then transitioned to keel boats racing regattas and longer distance races from Durban to Mozambique.

After a few years working in private banking, in he sold hung up his suit to pursue a career in yachting. He has a great sense of humor and is your go-to person for all your activities and adventures on the water, his mission is to make sure you have as much fun as possible.


Miles of ocean and one Hot Spot Offshore Fishing Report — Durban — We had a father, son and son in law from Hilton out with us on Fat Girl on an 8hr charter that ended up being 9hrs. We launched at 04h30 this morning and the same as yesterday we headed out in the rain, fortunately it cleared up before we even got out the port and for a while we even had some sun. In the morning there was a very light SW wind but by 09h00 it started picking up and as the day went on it got stronger and was blowing about 25 knots by the time we got back to port at 13h30 making for a very bumpy ride home.

A fair amount of Yellowfin Tuna and Oceanic Bonito Skipjack Tuna on the smaller side were caught and what I would guess was probably our last Dorado for the season came out on Friday.

Tuna Skipjack Summary Saturday was overcast and raining and we had 4 guests from up country as this trip was part of a bachelors party weekend, they were happy to go fishing in the rain when we gave them an option to move the trip to Sunday and surprisingly they were sober for a bachelors weekend, am sure they did not want to go fishing on Sunday with their plans for Saturday night. The barometer was very low and expectations were not good. For all the efforts we ended up with 2 Oceanic Bonito Skip Jack and again got a tiny Dorado which we released to get bigger.

We also lost a decent size dorado at the boat and had a big strike but no hook up. I fished competitive for many years and I have been running my own charters since with 2 companies and 2 boats, fish a variety of styles and target a variety of fish species in both Salt and Fresh water, have many published articles in several magazines on fishing. Love nature and outdoors, Am very conservation minded and have a passion for birds.

I am crazy about big Tuna, Marlin Fishing and Game Fishing, and also love light tackle spinning, am a total lure junkie. I want to write a book on fishing one day. As a writer I have my own quote:

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We treat you as if you are our friend for years. The problem is there are many fishing charters, and finding a good one can prove rather difficult. This is why we have the best for you! Almost everyone knows for a fact that Florida is known as one of the most popular places to go on a vacation to. This place provides tropical weather that everyone welcomes.

If you are wanting to catch a big wheel, you have to use large bait and the other way around.

I met up with Olivier and Janick from Reunion Island on the afternoon of the 8th of October and we set up camp with 3 days of Bass ahead of us, it was windy that afternoon making setting up the tents a challenge but with everyone working together it went rather fast, we then proceeded to make a fire and had a braai barbecue whilst getting to know each other and discussing the events for the next few days.

Awesome weather was presented to us and our morning session went well with 6 largemouth bass landed and released, most of them around keeper size 30cm , nothing took on top water and so we had to fish deeper to get some fish. The afternoon went slower and we went even deeper and we got 4 more bass, Janick was going really slow and this paid off and he landed himself a large bass. Olivier was not going to be left out and very shortly after landed himself a good size bass but not as big.

Janick had caught himself the bass of his lifetime we had caught and released a total of 10 bass for the day. We went back to camp and had a good braai and early to bed. Again we had awesome weather and the morning session delivered us 7 bass all around keeper size, the afternoon session proved to be tough and we only landed 3 bass giving us a total of 10 for the day. Back at camp everyone had their duties and very quickly a braai was on the go. The weather was fantastic and we went to the bottom of the dam this time, the water was crystal clear and there was s of baby bass swimming around the weed beds, we also saw some monster size carp.

Here we were able to get 8 bass on top water for the morning session. For the afternoon we went up towards the top side again and landed another 7 bass. All our bass for the day were keeper size.

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Whilst I desired to do this, my fear for seasickness prevented me from taking this decision. Then I met Mike at a social. His confident, relaxed demeanour made me change my mind and I booked a four hour charter with Mike for my wife and I. When we arrived at the small craft harbour at the arranged time, Mike was there, waiting and the appropriate tackle already prepared for our adventure.

Actually, I do know.

This was a second try as last week we had to cancel due to extremely bad weather, and there was a possibility of rain. We launched at 05h00 and returned at 13h When we got out of Durban harbour the sea was smooth and there was a mild long spaced swell, the water surface temperature was averaging around 21 deg.

C and there was a light SW wind which later changed to a NE wind. Whilst we were out fishing we saw 3 large pods of dolphins with a total of over 40 dolphins, 4 whales, and a huge shark. I decided to troll some small lures on light tackle on the back line and put out six lines and went for my marks on the GPS and as we went over them 3 reels started screaming and we reeled in a triple catch of lovely yellow fin black tip kingfish in the 3Kg 6. The spread was then set up again and we went over the same marks and got another yellow fin black tip kingfish of around 4Kg 8.

We then continued along back line and caught about 30 small shad, 1 torpedo scad and several small eastern little tuna.

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When dads are accompanied with their children to go fishing, the excited as well as enjoyment in youngsters is great. Daddies instruct them all the standard features of angling- how to set the lure and when they are supposed to reel in the line. When you age, you nevertheless wish to experience angling at a more advanced and also skilled degree.

Fishing in lakes and rivers is experienced initially as well as later on you try to go deep into the sea to fish. It is never ever advisable to go deep sea fishing if you are not experienced. A skilled friend who recognizes how you can fish in the deep sea need to be taken along.

My goal here is to save you money, time,and to help put more fish in the boat!

For some people, fishing is a tedious activity. But not a few are actually used as hobbies. The hobby owners are even willing to sit for hours in fishing waiting for the bait to be struck by fish. Although the resulting catch may not be more than the costs incurred. Many anglers are even willing to spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of rupiah just to buy fishing equipment which, when compared to the catch, will definitely cost far.

Although called a strange hobby, apparently fishing also has health benefits. The activities that are often carried out by Adam’s people are called to make someone happier and fitter. Stress Remover According to anglers, the activity of throwing a hook, waiting for fish, and pulling a hook is a stress relief activity. Maintain Physical Fitness In addition to fishing ponds, other fishing spots generally require extra energy to reach there. For example by rowing canoe, cycling, climbing hills, or walking.