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Visit the FATE web site located at www. Did humans evolve from reptiles? As long as humanity has kept records of its existence, legends of a serpent race have persisted. These myths tell of a mysterious race of superhuman reptilian beings who descended from the heavens to participate in creating humankind and to teach the sciences, impart forbidden knowledge, impose social order, breed with us, and watch over our development. The serpentlike beings were not alone, but were part of a retinue of super beings thought to be gods by the ancients. Yet, in cultures as widespread and diverse as those of Sumeria, Babylonia, India, China, Japan, Mexico, and Central America, reptilian gods have been feared and worshipped. To this day the dragon or serpent signifies divine heritage and royalty in many Asian countries, while in the West, the serpent represents wisdom and knowledge. The symbol of two serpents coiled around a staff originally signifying the tree of knowledge of ancient myth , known as the caduceus, is today used by the American Medical Association as its logo. Interestingly, stories of reptilian beings who exercise mind control over human captives while performing medical procedures on them have been emerging from the research of some of the best known UFO investigators, such as Budd Hopkins, John Carpenter, Linda Moulton Howe, Yvonne Smith, and others.

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He divided the brain into three main sections — the first and most ancient of these is commonly referred to as the reptilian brain. It is made up of the basal ganglia and it controls our involuntary functions: The actions and emotions that spring from the reptilian brain do so automatically, without us having to think about it. Its main components are the hippocampus, the amygdala , and the hypothalamus. It is also responsible for our compare and contrast mechanisms, which lead to value judgements.

It controls a lot of our behaviour, if still somewhat unconsciously.

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Triune brain

This article is about how the reptilian brain controls your behavior subconsciously. Do We Have a Reptilian Brain? The Triune brain model is divided into 3 parts or regions. The basal ganglia, also called the reptilian brain is the most primitive part of our brain. It governs balance, territoriality, mating, feeding and other instinctual activities. This the mammalian or monkey brain — the brain of emotions and social hierarchies.

It was a dark, cramped, and chaotic scene.

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Email Copy Link Copied Unless you’ve been safely stowed away under a rock since the s, chances are you’ve heard of, even vaguely, the name David Vaughn Icke. During the early 90s, this former sports broadcaster began writing about new age conspiracy theories, publishing a wide variety of theories surrounding fascism, the New World Order, and the Babylonian Brotherhood. The Babylonian Brotherhood is what Icke believes to be a race of shapeshifting Reptilian humans, or more correctly, humanoids, who live and walk among us.

Further still, Icke insists that these reptilians are a part of a secret order that aim to control the human population on Earth. Although all of this sounds like a science fiction film, Icke and his followers firmly believe in these theories and are resolved to elevate human consciousness and spread what they believe to be the truth.

In other words, new age conspiracy theorists like Icke took Morpheus’ red pill a long time ago and believe that the rest of us remain in complete ignorance of our meticulously controlled lives. At the crux of his argument, Icke insists that reptilians called Annunaki cross-bred with humans thousands of years ago and thus created a hybrid bloodline of humanoids that began conquering and have since been conquering the world.

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Four has long been a number of completion, stability and predictability, as well as the representation of all earthly things. In number symbolism, the logic of the number four follows from that of the previous three. One represents the male principle, the “yang”. It is raw energy, positive, original and creative. In the creative process it is the original spark of an idea.

Its average citizen may be an aggressively bloodthirsty, venomous parasite, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad.

Biological Standpoint What is the difference between men and women? We men always wonder why women are so different than men. If you really listen what they said and observe their behaviors, you can notice that many times their words and behaviors are not congruent. Women always say this, but do that. You may heard before that one of the differences between men and women is men think logically, but women think emotionally.

You may ever meet situation that women do things illogically, and make you suffer for that. For instance, your girlfriend suddenly ignores you for several days, and you don’t know what was happened. So you try to analyze why she acts this way.

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General characteristics[ edit ] Like other mammals, monotremes are warm-blooded with a high metabolic rate though not as high as other mammals; see below ; have hair on their bodies; produce milk through mammary glands to feed their young; have a single bone in their lower jaw; and have three middle-ear bones. In common with reptiles and marsupials , monotremes lack the connective structure corpus callosum which in placental mammals is the primary communication route between the right and left brain hemispheres.

Fossil forms and modern platypus young have a “tribosphenic” form of molars with the occlusal surface formed by three cusps arranged in a triangle , which is one of the hallmarks of extant mammals.

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Children’s Health Inside the mind of a teenager: A parent’s guide The Teenage brain explained: Rex By Tanith Carey 9: Second time around however, when they match you for size and are using much more colourful language, it can be much harder to handle. Worse still, it sends the message you think there is something fundamentally defective about your child, which can never be changed.

While this re-arrangement is going on, decision-making is re-routed via the amygdala, a primal part of their brain which reacts instantaneously and emotionally to any perceived threat. Pretending not to care is their defence mechanism. To confused adolescent, such despairing comments from the parent who is supposed to love them the most, can cut deep. Such messages get turned inwards into negative self-talk.

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